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As a granite countertop consultant, Julie would regularly walk past the shop dumpster and notice all of the incredibly beautiful granite and marble that was being thrown away. Unfortunately, up to 30% of granite slabs are disposed of because they are not large enough to create a countertop. So she started to dumpster dive and pick out various granite scraps to create mosaic projects. Bound-and-determined, she knew there was a better way to make use of those millions of pounds of granite scraps that are thrown away everyday by granite fabricators.

In 2009, Recycled Granite was born! After years of research, she established methods, machinery and markets to recycle scrap granite. Her drive, determination and diligence have taken her across the globe.

Recycled Granite been recognized in the U.S. Congressional Record twice. Julie sits on the Board of Directors of the U.S. Green Building Council (NWI) and the Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance. She is honored as a Fellow in the prestigious Society of Innovators and has won many awards including: Most Influential Woman, Working Woman of the Year, Indiana Torchbearer, Green Light Hall of Fame and many more.

To date, Recycled Granite has saved an estimated 100,000,000 pounds of granite remnants from being dumped into landfills. Our proprietary manufacturing processes creates green jobs, manufactures innovative products and stimulates local economies across America.

Recycled granite materials have been featured on DIY & HGTV shows, such as Bath Crashers, Run My Renovation, I Want That and many more. The jaw-dropping beauty of the 500,000,000 year old stone is stunning. Architects, designers, builders and do-it-yourselfers are creating residential and commercial projects everywhere.

Julie has also established the Green Abilities program. Individuals with disabilities (mental and physical) go through a Recycled Granite Artisan apprentice certification. The program brings out their inner abilities and teaches them how to specifically work with recycled granite waste. To date, she has certified over 75 individuals and has made ground-breaking discoveries. Learn more online at www.greenabilities.org

We have a choice …continue to throw away valuable stone or turn it into sellable products. Julie’s mission is to create jobs, reduce waste and make the world a better place.

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